(More) tape nails!

Hey, Buddy here (I feel like I need to say that each time because you probably just assume it’s Rover.) I know I haven’t done too many nail posts – oh wait, I haven’t done any. Sorry about that!

So anyway, I was contemplating whether or not to post this nail design. I took this picture yesterday, and it’s pretty bad quality but I wanted to post it anyway… I don’t really know why. I got this idea from somewhere and thought it would be cool to try, but of course in the end it turned out not that great.

Well, here it is:


I used Deborah Lippmann Sparks Fly (thanks for that one, Rover!) and a regular pink I got for probably $1. I love this idea, but the colors don’t go quite so well as I had imagined.

Turns out you have to wait a loooong time before you put on the tape or it gets all messed up. I’m way too impatient for this design, so I probably won’t be trying this any time soon.

Well, that’s about it!

~ Buddy

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One thought on “(More) tape nails!

  1. Rover says:

    *coughs politely* TOO, not to. Shame, Buddy, shame…

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