WordPress vs. Blogger? And Our New Blog

Hi! So here’s the sacrilegious post that’s been in the works for a little while, but that I never got around to writing until now.

WordPress versus Blogger? Which one is a better blogging platform? I’ve started a new blog — just about nail art — on Blogger. And this blog is (duh!) on WordPress.

I’ll admit, Blogger has a better interface. It’s faster to load, and you have a lot more control over what your blog looks like/what goes on it. There are a LOT of people who can follow your blog through Google Friend Connect (a feature found purely on Blogger). On the other hand, there’s no equivalent of the “Topic” reader thing on WordPress (it has a name, I guess, but I don’t know what it is). On Blogger, you can look at a certain category, but only the MOST POPULAR blogs in that category are shown, not the most recent posts. Which means it’s really, really hard to get yourself “discovered”. I think I’ll end up having to go comment/follow a LOT of people’s blogs to get myself noticed, at all.

But oh, well. I’ll just have to see how the two blogs do (and if you’re following the blog for its nail art, check out the new Blogger blog — it’s purely about nail art and there’s more detailed stuff!).

– Rover

P.S. Sorry for not posting as frequently — flute, soccer, SAT prep, blah. Now I’m turning into Buddy (oh nooo! I mean, no offense, Buddy 🙂 )

EDIT: I forgot about AdSense — you can’t put ads on WordPress blogs easily, but AdSense is free and easy to manage. Although I haven’t put ads on my Blogger blog, it seems a little… arrogant?

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3 thoughts on “WordPress vs. Blogger? And Our New Blog

  1. Rover says:

    *coughs politely* Why do you keep talking like it’s YOUR blog?? It’s my blog tooo….. wait, no, it’s pretty much your blog. Ok bye! This must look weird to other people, like we’re commenting to ourselves. Maybe I should use my own account, like you said. ~Buddy

  2. Craftynail says:

    I love the ‘reader’ in wordpress. But blogger doesn’t have anything like that?
    Also, on blogger is it easy to see new notifications of comments?

    • Rover says:

      Blogger does, but you can only see the blogs you follow so it’s hard to discover new blogs that aren’t already popular — there’s nothing like the topic-based reader in WordPress. And yep, Blogger works pretty much like WordPress for comments, you can choose whether you want an email to be sent to you or for it just to show up on your dashboard when somebody comments. I’m glad somebody was interested in my boring post with no photos!

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