Hi!! As you probably gathered, this is our blog. We love a lot of things — nail art, ponds, knitting, embroidery, digging random holes in the backyard. Wait, that last one was Kibbles Jr (He’s our imaginary dog). Though our name is Kibbles Jr & Nails, we post about a lot more than Kibbles Jr., and nails. OK, stop reading this. Go explore our deli-scrumptious blog!

With love and doggy kisses, Kibbles Jr. and Friends

OK, we understand that some (creepy, psychotic) people might actually want to sort of understand what our blog is all about. It kind of started like this:

Rover: We should start a blog! We could call it… Hmm… “Kibbles Jr & Nails”!! Isn’t that a great name!

Buddy: That is a wonderful nonsensical name.

And thus, Kibbles Jr. & Nails was born. (**A note: that was literally what our emails to each other said. I copied and pasted, I swear**)

Basically, it’s just a vent for all of our ideas (mostly, Rover’s numerous hobbies).  A little bit about each of us:

Buddy: plays piano VERY, VERY well, but is too modest to post anything about it, not even a recording of the Fantasie Impromptu which she plays very, very well; was the one who originally got Rover into the whole nails thing, but can’t paint her nails because of piano; plays soccer and is also good at math.

Rover: plays flute somewhat well. I mean, she got first chair at All-State this year but definitely won’t next year. She doesn’t post about flute because, well, flute sounds pretty bad unaccompanied and she’s still working on her unaccompanied Sonata in A Minor (hard.); she has numerous other hobbies including: knitting, gardening, nails, baking, sewing, and soccer.


We'd Love to Hear What You're Thinking, But Sadly We Can't Read Your Minds, So Leave a Comment!

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