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Hey guys, it’s Buddy! Long time no post, right? Heh heh… I know, I’m a disgrace. We should just call this Rover’s blog. Anyway, I kinda sorta have an excuse for my betrayal. I am in Walla Walla!


My dad’s side of the family lives here in Washington state, and we see them almost every summer. This year we only have 5 days to spend in Walla Walla before we go on some cruise to Canada (which sounds amazing, but I wanted to get to spend more time here.) Anyway, we have about 8 days away from home, which gives me a good excuse to not practice so much of my Fountain of the Acqua Paola.

Yes, I play the piano. Rover and I are currently working on a flute / piano duet. Or, I should say, Rover is working on it. (Sorry! I’ll get to it! Probably.) Well, I’m currently working on this song:¬†

It gets really weird, but I guess I like it. Okay, I’m getting off topic. As I was saying, I love it here in Walla Walla, but we visited at a bad time. I mean, I went to take a walk around a lake yesterday and it was NOT what I’d expected. My aunt told me she went there last spring and it was beautiful, but for me, the whole thing was pretty much like this:



Yes, I took those pictures. Well, I should get back to practicing piano right now but I’ll try to post more later. You’ll hear from me when I’m in Canada, I promise. Maybe.

– Buddy

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Flute Fingers

I also play flute (another of my many hobbies) and this past week I was at a band camp, along with 950 other people. We rehearsed about 4.5 hours a day for four days, and by the end my fingers were having problems. They’re all weak and weird and… bleh. Apparently, I’m double jointed and when I play flute I press kind of hard on my pinkies during fast pieces with lots of A and E flats (flutists, you know what I mean :P) and so by the end of the week my finger was stuck in this weird bent position:

And I cannot straighten it, at all. In our concert today, during the piece with all the sixteenth note runs and D to E flat trills, I had a pinky spasm and made this strange noise (which I don’t know how to do on purpose). I’m just lucky it wasn’t during my solo! This hasn’t happened to me before, not even at clinics where it’s like 9 hours a day of rehearsal. Hmm.

And I just got the All District piece, which is Cantabile y Presto by Enesco and is THAT kind of piece… You know, that piece where you have to drill the runs OVER AND OVER AND OVER again so they won’t be all muddy and then when you audition you have a random finger spasm and fail. I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to manage all this once school starts.

– Rover

And Buddy was supposed to post something while I was at camp, but she is a bad person and so she did not. Shame!

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