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Mani Thursdays 2: Galaxy Nails

Hi! So… Thursday has rolled around again, and I’ve done galaxy nails! Not much to say about these. Plus, I’ve posted a tutorial here (GASP! On my other blog!). 

ImageImageI used Sally Hansen White Out; Deborah Lippmann Invincible, I Fought the Law, and Twilight Tone; Jin Soon Coral Peony; and Funky Fingers Mood Ring. Hope you like!

– Rover


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Mani… Thursdays?

My nails are in bad shape. Their surfaces are peeling a little, and they’re all pale and brittle, the poor things. And that’s not even taking my cuticles into account. The point is, they’ve been treated badly these last few months so I’ve decided to give them a break and only paint them once a week, and also leave them to be their natural selves once in a while. Also, things are getting busier around here (summer soccer practices which Buddy gets to skip because of her Canadian adventures, and flute competitions coming up, etc.) and I won’t be able to keep redoing my nails. Plus I’ve run out of ideas (suggestions are welcome!!) that I can do without special stuff like dotting tools, stripers, etc.

Anyways. Because “Mani Mondays” are too mainstream, I’ve decided to do Mani Thursdays! Today I did a polka dot thing (using a bobby pin! because dotting tools are too mainstream):

MT1 -- Polka Dots final(note the “Kibbles Jr & Nails thing in the corner~ finally got around to experimenting with Photoshop, only to decide that a few simple words in the corner looked the best :P)

MT1 -- Polka Polishes FINAL

And here are the NAIL polishes I used (see what I did there, Buddy).

– Rover

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More Tape Nails

I think tape designs are the easiest to do. Especially when you’re like me and you don’t have ANY nail art brushes! There are so many fantastic designs you can do if you have a striper/dotter/a couple of tiny brushes but sadly I am lacking all of those. I did just order a set, though — but they were only $1 so I’m not entirely sure they’re… real. (I ordered these)

But anyways, until they arrive, I decided to another tape design. The last one was kind of a failure. I guess I didn’t put enough top coat on or something, but the silver metallic part just peeled right off about 15 minutes after I applied the top coat (maybe it didn’t help that I use the cheapest top coat I can find, Sally Hansen Advanced Strengthening No-Chip whatever). I put two layers of top coat on these and I was careful to let them dry completely before doing anything, so hopefully they’ll fare better this time. They have to, because I don’t have time to do anything else before leaving for debate camp on Wednesday!

So here they are:

photo (13)

And here are the polishes I used (I mean, NAIL polishes, sorry Buddy):

photo (14)


They’re Deborah Lippmann’s Rolling in the Deep (the dark blue) and Bad Moon Rising (the gray/silver one). I really, really love Bad Moon Rising! It’s so silvery and wonderful and goes great with pretty much any color. I have a bunch of other metallics that I really need to try but I’m going to wait until I get my brushes and try some real nail art on top of them.  So I guess I’ll just have to wait.

– Rover


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Simple Gifts


The base greenish color is Sephora Read my Palm, and the metallic silver is Deborah Lippmann Bad Moon Rising.

It’s been awhile since I’ve redone my nails, and I wanted to do something not-too-time consuming because I want to get a bunch of stuff done before I leave for debate camp on Wednesday (things like learning to code in Ruby, learning a movement of KPE Bach’s Concerto in A Minor, staking my moonflowers, etc.). So I decided on a very simple somewhat-French-tipped tape design! This mani took about 3 minutes to do after I had put on the base color, although that’s partly because I only did one hand. I’m not so sure about this color combination, though… hmm.

– Rover

P.S. I know, my cuticles are in terrible shape. Not exactly sure what to do about that.

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The Ugliest One

Buddy (re)did my nails today, with the ugliest colors I have seen yet. Isn’t it endearingly hideous? Maybe I’ll wear it for Halloween, when I dress up as a zombie.


The yellow-green, textured one is Deborah Lippmann “I Wanna Be Sedated” and the glitter one is Deborah Lippmann “Shake Your Money Maker”.
Don’t worry, I won’t keep it on for long. Soon I’m redoing music nails, for band camp!
– Rover

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Pink, with an Accent

I did Buddy’s nails today, and they’re pretty darn good (if I may say so myself). Nothing fancy, just a simple pink with an accent nail, but classy and better looking than a LOT of the manis I’ve done, sadly.

The pink is Deborah Lippmann “Sweet Life” and the accent is Deborah Lippmann “Baby I’m a Star”.
– Rover

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More Nails

So I redid my nails again yesterday, despite being inconvenienced by a stomach bug. I used strips of tape to do the two stripes. It came out ok, not great; the strips of tape got kind of messed up because I accidentally rubbed them… Whoops.

The grey one is Deborah Lippmann “Planet Rock” and the glitter one is “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”
– Rover

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