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Mani Thursdays 2: Galaxy Nails

Hi! So… Thursday has rolled around again, and I’ve done galaxy nails! Not much to say about these. Plus, I’ve posted a tutorial here (GASP! On my other blog!). 

ImageImageI used Sally Hansen White Out; Deborah Lippmann Invincible, I Fought the Law, and Twilight Tone; Jin Soon Coral Peony; and Funky Fingers Mood Ring. Hope you like!

– Rover


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Mani… Thursdays?

My nails are in bad shape. Their surfaces are peeling a little, and they’re all pale and brittle, the poor things. And that’s not even taking my cuticles into account. The point is, they’ve been treated badly these last few months so I’ve decided to give them a break and only paint them once a week, and also leave them to be their natural selves once in a while. Also, things are getting busier around here (summer soccer practices which Buddy gets to skip because of her Canadian adventures, and flute competitions coming up, etc.) and I won’t be able to keep redoing my nails. Plus I’ve run out of ideas (suggestions are welcome!!) that I can do without special stuff like dotting tools, stripers, etc.

Anyways. Because “Mani Mondays” are too mainstream, I’ve decided to do Mani Thursdays! Today I did a polka dot thing (using a bobby pin! because dotting tools are too mainstream):

MT1 -- Polka Dots final(note the “Kibbles Jr & Nails thing in the corner~ finally got around to experimenting with Photoshop, only to decide that a few simple words in the corner looked the best :P)

MT1 -- Polka Polishes FINAL

And here are the NAIL polishes I used (see what I did there, Buddy).

– Rover

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Newspaper Nails: A Success Story

I just tried the newspaper nails. I used almond extract (32% alcohol) and I actually used sheet music instead of newspaper for these. It was super easy and worked great! I wasn’t sure whether sheet music would work or not, because nobody seemed to know… but it worked great!

ImageYeah, I didn’t really clean up my hands afterwards — we didn’t have any Q-tips in the house — so there’s polish left around the nails (I’m left-handed, so my left hand usually is pretty messed up). And yeah, that’s the completely wrong way to hold a flute, but otherwise all the nails wouldn’t show 🙂

I’m not doing a whole tutorial on it — just google it — but a quick tip: dip both the nail AND the sheet music/newspaper in the vodka/rubbing alcohol/almond extract. I did that for my left hand and it looks a LOT better.

– Rover

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